6-step process

Selecting only 30% of a lamb

Grassland and Highland Lamb. Mongolian / Scottish 0°C High-Tech Preserved fresh cold meat

Grassland / Highland Lamb

Mongolian/Scottish 0°C High-Tech Preserved fresh cold meat

Processing is conduct at bacteria-free,constant temperature and constant humidity fully enclosed factories. Each Lamb is inspected for diseases prior to processing. Sterilization is conducted prior to every processing. Aging of meat conducted for 48 hrs at 0°C-4°C. This ensures every bite is fresh and succulent!

Finest Selection of Premium Meat

6-step process, selecting only 30% of a lamb

Excellent Lamb Sourcing and Selection to give each serving a Pure Natural Feeling, with the Taste of the Sunshine! With Masterful Cuts to give a Bright Red Colour in Seductive Sizing for a Joy in Every Bite. Extension Selections such as Large Lamb Cuts, Lamb in Sun Rolls, Meat Low in Fats, Rich Soup Broth and Prime Marbled Beef