From the Lamb Gourmet Capital of China – Inner Mongolia Baotou, to Boston; from London to Melbourne... a magical aroma and taste meanders thousands of kilometres away to reach your heart and soul. This is the harmonious marriage of a piece of fresh meat and a spoonful of bone broth keeping a delicious original flavour. Insistence and ingenuity in safeguarding the original freshness and flavour, with respect for the best ingredients bestowed by nature. Cooking with heart, and providing nature’s deliciousness.

I am the creator of the flavour "Good Soup without Dipping Sauce". With Mongolian hotpot as the root, the founding team who once created the first Chinese hotpot has returned. Forging a new brand of "Happy Lamb Hotpot Cuisine", with the unique positioning of "Good Soup without Dipping Sauce", from the green grasslands to the rest of the world, opening a new Chinese hotpot craze here to stay. We bring delicious happiness to every city!

Just to give the world a pot of good soup!

Boston, an ancient yet modern city of ceaseless ideas and innovation. This is also the birthplace of Happy Lamb. Stepping out from Inner Mongolia Baotou towards the world, then from Boston back to China. In under three years, Happy Lamb has blossomed all over the world!

From Boston to Baotou, from Chicago to Hong Kong, from California to London, from Cambodia to Melbourne, Happy Lamb is loved by customers in every city, and the delicious fragrance of every pot lingers in the streets and alleys. We rely on our sincerity, to attract and win the bellies of diners from all walks of life.

Let us share happiness and stories in a hotpot.

Restaurant Design

The overall design style of the restaurant uses wood as the dominant element to retain the natural feel of the grasslands, while retaining the modern, open and simple style, creating a comfortable dining environment that is the style of Happy Lamb.

Restaurant Interior Space Design